10 Styling Necessities to Transform your Home ASAP


In a few weeks, there will be magic happening at Aimee's house in Port Alberni thanks to all of you! Irene will arrive with a team of 10 volunteers to assemble IKEA furniture and then the following weekend I'll be there with my car full of accessories and lamps to hang artwork and create some tablescapes. I've been compiling a list of basic… Continue reading


What every Lighting Obsessed Gal (or Guy) Should Know


 Starry Lights I know, I'm completely obsessed with lighting. It's hard to escape from a consult with me, without getting suggestions for at least 4 lamps. The other day, I had spent 1 hour and 45 minutes with a client in an on-line consultation. We had chosen colours, furniture, area rugs, lighting, coffee tables and accessories and she said "Okay,… Continue reading


The Zen of One Day Decorating: Before & After

Shopping Day

One of my favourite ways to help my clients create a space that fills them with happiness when they walk in their door is the one day shopping service I offer. If you just need an end table or two, lighting, pillows, possibly a carpet and accessories, you have comfortable shoes and a large vehicle, we can transform many a… Continue reading


When to Choose Low over High while Decorating

Quote by Thom Filicia

  We are going with Turquoise + Red My sister Elizabeth is turning 40 in July and for her birthday she wants the family room painted and re-decorated. Her kids are almost four and six, they have not bought any new furniture since they got married and had kids. The living room furniture currently has her husband Bill's 16 year… Continue reading


How to Create Instant Atmosphere in your New House

Sunflower Yellow Sofa

In my last townhouse, the living and dining room was wired so that lamps that were plugged into the bottom of each outlet could be turned on and off with one light switch. I had 15 lights (including the 5 puck lights in the corner bookshelves) in this room and every time I walked into the living room, with one… Continue reading


How to Paint around View Windows

Painting around View Windows

I just love Pinterest. Every time I pop on for a few minutes I get happy. Yesterday I landed on this image and totally fell in love. source Of course it's the windows that totally make this room but I also love the huge black and white leaf print on the chairs and the hits of green. The other thing… Continue reading


Vancouver Interior Designer: The Real Reason Your Lighting Sucks

Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 5.57.29 PM

I buy lots of lamps for my clients from HomeSense. If you don't count the big box stores, we have about four lighting stores in Vancouver (and that includes two in Richmond)  so the selection is mostly bleak in general. source When you buy a lamp at HomeSense the lightbulbs are usually included. In the last year they switched them from "soft… Continue reading


A Case for Decoration

Lately I’ve noticed a trend with the questions my clients ask during consultations and I have developed my own personal little theory behind it.   Windsor Smith They'll ask me questions like, “Should I install crown molding in here?” “Should I replace this countertop and introduce stone?”, “What about a tray ceiling?” Endless and many expensive ways to update your… Continue reading


Holiday Mood Lighting Lessons from Twilight

Credit I was at a Christmas party last weekend hosted by one of my dearest friends Tami Rode, (below). During the evening, I was having a conversation with a guest about Christmas trees and she said "I love mine so much I cry when it comes down in January". Maria Killam & Tami Rode And in that moment, I realized… Continue reading


Do you Follow the 10 Year Rule?

Dransfield & Ross You know the stuff you pull out when your friends or family come over that was a gift and you don’t want to hurt their feelings to suggest you don’t like it, so you display it when they arrive? How about the one-off candle holders you get as presents (everyone gets those). Or, just about anything you… Continue reading


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