Shopping on Approval

When I’m sourcing furniture or accessories for clients and I arrive at a store without a return policy the only way I can remotely consider buying it is to take it ‘on approval’. Jonathan Adler x Benches Credit When a merchant gives you something to take home ‘on approval’ they usually take a credit card number or imprint but don’t process it until they get a phone call from you ... Continue Reading

The Vendor Client Relationship – A True Story

Last year I was hired to do some decorating and styling for a client. They had seen my work through my photographer and were interested in the same look for their website. Credit I submitted my quote–through my photographer—who called me later that day to ask what I could do for ‘half my quoted price?’. The client had informed her, “We understand that we won’t get the ‘high-end’ look of ... Continue Reading

Colour Books every Colour Lover should Own

Okay, it’s only taken me almost 1 1/2 years to set up a merchant account on Amazon! When I tried to figure it out, they kept giving me a widget option and I wanted it on my sidebar as a picture to click to get to my bookstore (not a dang widget). So, don’t ask me how I did it (because I had help) but it’s finally here; Colour me ... Continue Reading

A Dirty Answer to a Clean Question

A reader posted the following comment/question which I thought I would address in this post; “One term you frequently use disturbs me, and that is the word “dirty” to describe those colors which are not bright or primary. Well, dirty can be fun and has it’s place 😉 – – but it doesn’t seem to belong in the decorating lexicon. My understanding is the creation of such colors includes adding ... Continue Reading

5 ways to know if you should Quit your day Job to Become a Designer

Penelope Trunk wrote a great article a few months ago on this very subject [being an artist]. I love her blog because she is so blunt, and not afraid to call a spade a spade. My favourite kind of person! Image source Most of us would love to paint [insert your creative passion here] for a living and get paid for it! And I’m not saying literally paint. I have ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Interior Stylist; What every Designer should know about Photography

  Yaletown loft patio by Maria Killam Colour & Design for BC Home, photographed by Anna Beaudry From the beginning stages of designing my website I decided not to show ‘before’ photographs because I noticed that established designers on the internet rarely show images of their interiors before they were decorated. Photo with the angle I chose This is also why, if you (as a designer) are going to have ... Continue Reading

Profits that are Hiding inside your Website

I’m coming up to the anniversary date of when I started my blog so this week I’m acknowledging my ‘Dream Team’.  The professionals that helped launch my personal brand on the internet in 2008-09. To fly you need a dream team! The first members of  my Dream Team are Gail & Dave Watson with Extra Contact. They are a husband and wife team that specialize in Email Marketing. I met ... Continue Reading

Signature Look or your Clients Look; Which one works the Best?

I have just discovered something. It’s new. In the last month, I have finally discovered for myself what ‘my signature look’ is, and the best part about it is that people are suddenly calling me because of it. Eileen Kathryn Boyd Given which designers inspire me, it seems silly that it’s taken me this long to define it for myself. Especially because I have been describing my style on this ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Colour Expert; The Difference between an Experienced Colourist and a Novice

The difference between an experienced colourist and a novice is not that we can see the subtleties [of colour] without comparing; it’s that we know we can’t [see them without comparing].  Janice Lindsay Clean or Dirty Images courtesy of  Couture Carrie I’ve made this point a couple different ways already, here and here.  But when I read this [above] paragraph in Janice Lindsay’s book last night I decided to dedicate ... Continue Reading

[Colour Theory] Rules are for Breaking by Janice Lindsay

I have secretly always thought that the emphasis placed on the basic ‘rules’ of colour theory were completely overrated. When I worked at Benjamin Moore at the retail level, [many years ago] and colour theory students would come in looking for help on a ‘complementary’ colour combination or an ‘analogous’ colour combination, it always occurred to me as a useless exercise. “I guess the way I pick colour is different ... Continue Reading

Should you pay for a room to be re-painted if you chose the colour?

This post is for anyone in the business of specifying colour. And the question is: “Should you pay for a room to be re-painted if the colour you recommended either looked terrible when the room was done or the client simply didn’t like it?” This was the question posed by the wonderful bloggers at The Skirted Roundtable this week. Having completed hundreds of colour consultations in my design career, I ... Continue Reading

Colour is Context

Images from House Beautiful The best explanation of context that I’ve ever heard was this one: Take a stick; in the forest, it actually is a stick, in mathematics however, it’s a 1, and in the alphabet, it’s an l. Therefore, colour is all about context. That’s why you cannot call a colour cool or warm unless you are comparing it to another colour. Why? Because you can always find a ... Continue Reading

3 Steps to finding a Mentor in the Design Industry

If you want to succeed in the design business you need a mentor. The best advice I can give my students on the fastest route to becoming a freelance designer is to finish all your education first and then get a job working for an interior designer. This way you can learn from their mistakes and have a built-in mentor. Anton Ehrenzweing If you want to take the longer and ... Continue Reading

Vancouver Colour Designer talks about; Styling for Photo Shoots

When I originally sent my website designer the images of the rooms I had designed, she only liked ONE image. It had been taken by someone who had a professional camera. That’s when I decided to hire a professional, my friend and very talented photographer Anna Beaudry, to take photos of all the homes I planned to showcase in my website. I love Eileen Kathryn Boyd’s designs, her use of ... Continue Reading