Why Choosing Granite is so Hard

I came across this comment on my blog the other day, I had forgotten about it. This reader expressed what so many of my clients have told me over the years but she was just super entertaining in her distress. . . How did I end up with this crazy granite choice that is glaring at me from the counter?! I’m crying at this expensive new member of the family. Ugh!! My ... Continue Reading

I’m an Interior Decorator NOT an Interior Designer

Let’s just be clear, I believe a room can be totally transformed with exactly the right throw pillows. In fact, a dated room that looks tired and sad, can also be completely brought to life with the right updated pillow. I do it with my clients all the time and there’s nothing more fun. In fact, I get so many pillows custom made for my clients, my workroom calls me ... Continue Reading

Earth Tones that Feel like 2014 NOT 2002

{Oak Bay Beach Hotel} Recently I received a comment from a reader saying it would be great if I would write an occasional post about earth tones because she preferred them over the current white/black/grey colours that are popular and trendy right now. Well, dear reader, the opportunity presented itself this weekend. It’s my Terreeia’s birthday and we arrived yesterday, here at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel in Victoria to ... Continue Reading

13 Ways to Create Flow with a White Kitchen

View from the Master Bedroom In early 2014 I went down to Portland to work with a design coach.  I called my friend Barbara Miller who lives there to find out if we could have a visit. Barbara said “Yes that sounds great, and why don’t you stay in my Mom’s 6 million dollar house while you’re here. She’s in Palm Springs and won’t mind”. Hmmmm. . . . well if ... Continue Reading

Eclectic Art in the Hallway

{Front Door Colour: Cloverdale 7669} The art wall in my hallway has looked like this almost since we moved in over a year ago. I couldn’t stand the wall sitting empty so I filled it with mostly empty frames in the hopes that it would inspire me to fill them faster. It didn’t. Every time I walked by, I was annoyed. Just for fun, here’s what my door looked like ... Continue Reading

Know Yourself, Be Wildly Successful; Webinar with Penelope Trunk & Maria Killam

I have a confession. You know that part of you that you're convinced is bad or wrong or could be better or you wish was different or fill in the blank here? ... Continue Reading

Is This the Year You’ll Transform Your Dirty Little Secret?

{click on images for source} The following is a comment from one of my readers: “Our house is almost built but I am not excited. I have listened to the advice of a colour consultant that was provided by our builder so now I have cortina brown kitchen floor tiles with natural finish knotty alder cabinet (mission style) and countertop in beige (santa cecilia granite). The color combination is just ... Continue Reading

What every Lighting Obsessed Gal (or Guy) Should Know

 Starry Lights I know, I’m completely obsessed with lighting. It’s hard to escape from a consult with me, without getting suggestions for at least 4 lamps. The other day, I had spent 1 hour and 45 minutes with a client in an on-line consultation. We had chosen colours, furniture, area rugs, lighting, coffee tables and accessories and she said “Okay, I don’t have any more questions, I love everything you ... Continue Reading

Is Marketing to Past Clients Ridiculous? Yay or Nay

Penelope Trunk and I have one day left in our blogging webinar and it’s so great! We’re learning so much and having so much fun, here’s what people are saying: “I sure hope this webinar is the first of many! I subscribe to a lot, A LOTTT of webinars…and this one has by far exceeded my expectations! About 6 months ago I attended Alt Summit in New York city (the U.S. ... Continue Reading

Being a Designer Takes Guts & Vision

One of my readers sent me these photos from their new place in cottage country, which is located 2 1/2 hours from downtown Toronto.   source See this spiral chandelier (above)? I couldn’t find the big one on-line but this one is 6 feet long and 4 ft wide. To get it inside their cottage, the sliding glass doors had to be removed. To get it installed, four men and ... Continue Reading

5 Best Ways to Choose your Roof Colour

PLEASE NOTE THE COMMENTS SECTION IS CLOSED ON THIS POST. If you need help choosing a roof colour, you can take advantage of my Exterior Colour Solutions. About a year before I started writing this blog (in 2007), I was partners with another interior designer and we were specifying finishes for spec homes. One day we were sitting in a meeting with the builders who had hired us, discussing exterior colour and ... Continue Reading

Take Risks with Your Decor Rather than your Clients

In 2011 when we were living in our townhouse in North Vancouver, I chose the wrong fabric for my new chair and ottoman. I was so embarrassed. That’s why it’s taken me this long to tell you about it. I had my yellow sofa (above) and that was an easy choice for me to make. I love yellow. But I was having trouble actually committing to a second colour. Designers hate making ... Continue Reading

Tips for Bloggers: Do’s and Don’ts for Working with the Media

I first met Mary Leigh Howell at the Design Bloggers Conference this past February in LA. She’s a PR Professional and although there was a group of us that were about to have dinner together one evening, it suddenly turned into just the two of us. During dinner, I asked her why she was at the conference. She replied “To network and create relationships with bloggers, I’ve pitched you three ... Continue Reading

It’s pretty much agreed among most designers that the measure for success seems to be to design for the upscale, high-end client with lots of money. It’s kind of like this, once you get this client, you have hit the pinnacle to some degree. We all know that’s never enough and once you get there, you’ll need the next level of success, building a design firm, perhaps a furniture or ... Continue Reading

In July 2013 it was time for me to buy the flagstone for my front walkway. Since I’m such a novice around landscaping, I have consulted with MaryAnne over every detail. One of the ONLY questions I did not ask her was regarding the colour of my flagstone. The colour of your house MUST be taken into consideration when choosing the stone or brick that you will install in your ... Continue Reading

People email me all the time asking me how in the world it’s possible to specify colour on-line. They say things like “My husband is skeptical so sorry”.  Which is totally fine of course, I’m busy, don’t worry about me. In fact I’m trying to get out of here for the lake this week, I’m still here packing up! The point of this comment is that if you’re a designer ... Continue Reading