Are You a Tree Hugger?

We are having a rare, sunny weekend, it’s so beautiful and almost feels like Spring. My sister Elizabeth and her husband have a goat on their property in Yarrow. His name is George. Markus came inside for something to eat after they had been playing outside and when he was ready to go out again I said “Wait, put your coat on” and he said “It’s not a goat, it’s a jacket!”. So adorable!

My Sister is a Food Network Star!

Last summer my sister Anita and her family got selected to star on a show called the Family Cook-off on the Food Network. This was the setting that day at Granville Island. It just aired on Friday night so now I’m allowed to post about it. My sister and I have not been getting along well lately (something happened). And last weekend I was in a course with Landmark Education called Direct Access. One of the things the forum leader said was “I’m okay with anyone in my life that walks into the door”. And I thought ‘I want to be that person, and actually right now things are not okay with my sister”.

Will I See You in 2012?

Next week I’m in Vegas for 3 days, Jan 24 – 26 participating in an effective facilitators workshop.

Then February 3 & 4 I’m in Seattle for Blogshop. I’m going to learn Photoshop so get ready, the images on my blog will start looking more interesting and then I’ll also have the ability to erase all the wrinkles on my face, hehe.

Review of Last Year’s Goals and a New List for 2012

This is the 4th year I have publicly listed my goals on my blog and it’s really interesting to look back and see how the year went every time I write this post. So here is the review from last year, lets see how I did:

1. The top of my list this year is a complete revamp of my blog and website. I’m switching to WordPress so that my blog, website, twitter and facebook fan page are all together in one place. I had to find a big checkmark for this goal because it most certainly happened and let me tell you, it was a lot of work! And you are looking at my new site right now, here was the header from the old one:

Completing the Year of 2011: Happy or Interesting?

Before I can even begin to talk about goals and accomplishments for 2012 there’s something (okay 2 things) I need to say first. It’s something I seriously need to work on and here it is. I am mostly always anxious. Some people would say it’s because of my astrological sign. I am a Gemini and am always in my head analyzing everything. And I would say that is true. But whatever it is, it drives me crazy. I’m always worried that I’m not working hard enough, fast enough, and smart enough to make my business grow faster and the worst part is I compare myself to other people (anyone else do this?).