My Sister is a Food Network Star!

Last summer my sister Anita and her family got selected to star on a show called the Family Cook-off on the Food Network. This was the setting that day at Granville Island. It just aired on Friday night so now I'm allowed to post about it. My sister and I have not been getting along well lately (something happened). And last weekend I was in a course with Landmark Education called Direct Access. One of the things the forum leader said was "I'm okay with anyone in my life that walks into the door". And I thought 'I want to be that person, and actually right now things are not okay with my sister". ... Continue Reading

Sneak Peek: My Spring Living Room

My photographer is coming to shoot my house tomorrow. You’ve seen the holiday photos but this will be minus the Christmas decor! Photos by Maria Killam It’s too dark for me to photograph on my own and requires professional lighting (it’s why we’re moving, more on that soon). It’s amazing how fast I suddenly made decisions today as I ran around like a madwoman shopping for finishing touches and the ... Continue Reading

Cocktails and Bunny Williams in LA

I’m here at the Design Bloggers conference in LA at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel. The first reception  in the afternoon on Sunday to kick off the conference was at Hollyhock in West Hollywood with Suzanne Rheinstein. I got to spend some time with Brooke & Steve from Velvet & Linen prior to cocktails. I picked the only frame with colour for this picture and it happened to match my skirt! ... Continue Reading

Will I See You in 2012?

Next week I'm in Vegas for 3 days, Jan 24 - 26 participating in an effective facilitators workshop. Then February 3 & 4 I'm in Seattle for Blogshop. I'm going to learn Photoshop so get ready, the images on my blog will start looking more interesting and then I'll also have the ability to erase all the wrinkles on my face, hehe. ... Continue Reading

Review of Last Year’s Goals and a New List for 2012

This is the 4th year I have publicly listed my goals on my blog and it's really interesting to look back and see how the year went every time I write this post. So here is the review from last year, lets see how I did: 1. The top of my list this year is a complete revamp of my blog and website. I'm switching to WordPress so that my blog, website, twitter and facebook fan page are all together in one place. I had to find a big checkmark for this goal because it most certainly happened and let me tell you, it was a lot of work! And you are looking at my new site right now, here was the header from the old one: ... Continue Reading

Completing the Year of 2011: Happy or Interesting?

Before I can even begin to talk about goals and accomplishments for 2012 there’s something (okay 2 things) I need to say first. It’s something I seriously need to work on and here it is. I am mostly always anxious. Some people would say it’s because of my astrological sign. I am a Gemini and am always in my head analyzing everything. And I would say that is true. But whatever it is, it drives me crazy. I’m always worried that I’m not working hard enough, fast enough, and smart enough to make my business grow faster and the worst part is I compare myself to other people (anyone else do this?). ... Continue Reading

Happy New Year from Big White

Okay, we’re here and it’s the first time I have been on skis for over 10 years – eeeek! This photo is taken from our Apres Ski spot where we had the most awesome veggie falafels and salad for a snack at the end of the day. I was scared today when I got on the hill but Elizabeth had been in a three-hour lesson yesterday and she said the big ... Continue Reading

Christmas Karjalan Piirakka from My Mom

This morning all three of my nephews were at breakfast with Santa at the local community center. Earlier in the week when William found out  this was our Saturday event he was really impressed that Santa was coming to their village just to see the kids! Photos by Maria Killam Okay, the reason I posted this photo (below) is because of the look on Markus’ face (left). Priceless! Also my sister ... Continue Reading

Vacation = Naps

I love to nap on vacation. It’s what I’m about to do next. pinterest I have a client with a den that is just big enough for two chaise lounges. I think doing something like this would be the ultimate in luxury and most certainly the perfect napping place! Pinterest Then we would just need a little dog like this one! One more day, we are back late tomorrow night! Related ... Continue Reading

Where is Your Favourite Vacation Spot?

  I stayed here at the Westin Los Cabos in Mexico a few years ago when I did a Wisdom Vacation Course with Landmark Education. It was one of the best vacations I ever had and every time I am somewhere and just want to be still and try to be present (try being the operative word) I visualize myself here on this beach. Tomorrow (Friday) afternoon we’ll arrive for ... Continue Reading

Colour Me Happy is Three Years Old!

When Elizabeth and Bill were looking at homes in their neighbourhood, the Real Estate Agent told them that Halloween was fun here because everyone gets right into it. It’s the most fun Halloween I’ve ever had running around  with William and Markus and a small but very important ladybug, Isabella (daughter of Elizabeth’s friend Crystal). Photos by Maria Killam This is my sister’s front door! This is William, “Buddy, the ... Continue Reading

Five Stylish Picks by “You Look Fab”

Elizabeth and I spent the day shopping with Angie Saturday and had an amazing time! These are some of the clothes we found: J. Crew Love this blazer. Angie and I debated on the gray and cream one vs the black and charcoal combination and she said this would be the best with all the colour I have. I recently bought three pairs of colourful skinny jeans from Bebe–my sister said ... Continue Reading

Top Five Fashion Tips from My Stylist

Anyone that has followed my blog for a while knows that I have a stylist. My sister Elizabeth and I are going to Seattle next weekend and we’ll be spending a few hours on Saturday shopping with Angie from You Look Fab. I have shopped with Angie for three seasons now and she has taken my look to a whole new level. And it no longer takes me hours and hours ... Continue Reading

Thanksgiving in the Country

We are here in Yarrow for Thanksgiving at my sister’s/mom’s farm. And I have a few pics from my mom’s carriage house to show you. My mom has a lot of hand painted rocks by one of her best friends. This one is at the front door. Markus and William September 30 was the day my mom moved from the little tiny house I grew up in since I was ... Continue Reading

My Nephews are Coming

Tomorrow night, we are in charge of my 2 & 4 year-old nephews while my sister and her husband are at a wedding. This week I picked up an armload of toys to keep the little angels entertained. I was at a client’s home a few weeks ago and she had this great antique bucket filled with toys for when her grandchildren come over! I thought it was such a ... Continue Reading

Meet my New Design Associate

pinterest Irene Hill attended my True Colour Expert Workshop this past June in Vancouver. We clicked immediately and I was thrilled to hear she lived in Langley (just a short 1/2 hour drive from me).  Irene is a very talented designer who has done everything from staging to complete home renovations. Irene Hill She has been working with me for over two weeks already and I feel so much lighter! ... Continue Reading