When Walls of Wood really Work

We stayed at The Echoes Harrison River Retreat for two nights this week. You get picked up by boat and stay in one of 3 cozy cabins right beside the Harrison River. Every single building on this property was wood, inside and out. Perfect for a cottage by the lake or a cabin at a ski resort, that’s where I really appreciate the warmth of wood walls and beams, etc. ... Continue Reading

Poolside in August

Well I’m going on Vacation for the next week. We are staying home for a few days and just hanging out by the lake nearby and then going for a little two night stay somewhere towards the weekend (it’s a surprise). source So this week, I’ll be posting some re-runs of my favourite and best posts! Can you guess what they are? And of course I’m still doing my 37 ... Continue Reading

Advice Every Designer Should Give

I’m featured on Tobi Fairly’s blog today with my expert advice, more on that in a minute! This is my sweet nephew Noah and it’s his birthday, he’s seven! My sister Anita (his Mom) has a stunning brand new white kitchen that I helped her with last summer. The reason why you haven’t seen it on my blog is because the hood fan was installed crooked and it has not been ... Continue Reading

A Window of Happiness

source If someone had told me 5 years ago that I would eventually move back to the valley where I grew up I would have said ‘No way, never going to happen‘. We moved to Abbotsford from Victoria when I was 12 years old and I was very upset about it at the time. As soon as I moved out at 19 I moved into the city (Vancouver). Anytime I ... Continue Reading

Summer Intern Position Needed at Colour Me Happy

Maria Killam Colour & Design is seeking a summer intern interested in learning the business of design/decorating and the world of colour. In lieu of pay, we offer unique, weekly learning experiences with hands-on practice to strengthen skills and broaden design and business perspectives. source Job Responsibilities: Update and organize resource library including requesting updated pricelists and information from vendors and suppliers. Pick up fabric samples from venders as required, ... Continue Reading

Chocolate Beet Cake & Stress

  Pinterest I got home from Toronto this morning. Since I was out of town for my birthday, my sister Elizabeth baked me this most amazing chocolate beet cake that we ate today instead. She also made butter pecan ice cream without ice or cream to go with it in her Vitamix! It all tasted very healthy. William and Markus decorated my cake and I thought it was perfection. Elizabeth’s ... Continue Reading

Happy Birthday to Me

At seven minutes after one in the morning on June 7, I turn 45. Three hours earlier this year as I’m in Toronto this week. Pinterest I am having such a great time with everyone in my True Colour Expert Workshop on Day one! Here is the most adorable post from Claire Jefford, a decorator and stager I just met today. Another post you should read is this Architects Guide ... Continue Reading

Sneak Peek of the new Location of my Sofa

I am so tired from unpacking and we don’t have a kitchen! I’m so lucky that my sister and mom live so close! Photo by Maria Killam Sorry for the dark photo, I snapped this last night, I am only now on-line! Can’t wait to show you my living/dining room, I had it set up on the first night, I would not allow a single moving box in there! I’ll ... Continue Reading

Colour me Happy is Moving

Tomorrow is moving day and it’s a little crazy around here! Is there anything worse than moving? I don’t think so! I must confess I got a bit defensive when Terreeia informed me that we own 23 lamps. Well I don’t think a decorator can have too many lamps, I’m sure that won’t be enough for our new house anyway! source My two favourite lamps that we own are: Pinterest ... Continue Reading

5 Things you Need to See from Blogfest 2012

My whirlwind, very fast trip to New York is over and I’m running out this morning to pack up my car full of lighting because every single fixture in my new house needs to be replaced. Here are a few more highlights of my trip: Photo by Maria Killam 1. Did you know the latch on this window is called a rat tail latch? I did not. When my client ... Continue Reading

My New York Social Diary

This is my version of being in the New York Social Diary this week: Kips Bay 2011 I arrived in New York this morning on the red-eye and I’m sharing a room with my good friend Traci Zeller. She was already here the past two days with Talitha McGuinness the  co-owner and Creative Director of Multiplicity Magazine. Talitha was in town speaking at the New York Baby Show. Traci offers ... Continue Reading

Celebrating Moms in May

As I’ve mentioned, one of the biggest reasons I’m moving to the Country is because my Mom will live 2 minutes away from me. A one hour drive is the most I’ve ever lived from my favourite Mom in the world and I will do anything for her, always. So when she said she’d like to re-use the railings I was removing from my new living room of course I ... Continue Reading

Colour me Happy with Artist Ian Varney

Last year it was my birthday when my True Colour Expert Workshop was held in Toronto. As a special treat, I got to spend the day with Ian Varney in his studio. Ian uses wax paint which dries very quickly. Oil canvases take months to dry so this is a great medium to use. ... Continue Reading

Maria’s Happy Living & Dining Room

Well, you all saw it decorated for the holidays already, but now that I’m moving I wanted it photographed without the Christmas decor, so here are some new photos: Photography by Jennifer Houghton I can hardly wait to move to our new house, Jennifer  said lighting my space for the camera was just the same as if she were shooting in the middle of the night! Don’t EVER move into ... Continue Reading

Are You a Tree Hugger?

We are having a rare, sunny weekend, it's so beautiful and almost feels like Spring. My sister Elizabeth and her husband have a goat on their property in Yarrow. His name is George. Markus came inside for something to eat after they had been playing outside and when he was ready to go out again I said "Wait, put your coat on" and he said "It's not a goat, it's a jacket!". So adorable! ... Continue Reading

We’re Moving to the Country!

My mom and my sister Elizabeth (who already live in Yarrow, one hour and 10 minutes East of Vancouver) went to see the house first. They reported that it was great and we should go look at it. ‘What colour is it’, I asked my sister. ‘It’s pinky beige’, she replied. Photo by Maria Killam The actual colour is BM OC-16 Cedar Keys. It’s vinyl siding. Sigh. Oh well, at ... Continue Reading