How to Sell Toilet Paper and Learning to say No

So I’m here at BlogHer’14 in San Jose with my good friend Barbara Miller from Yes Spaces. We had registered for the conference months ago but I am so bad because I usually only read what I absolutely have to read. So I don’t check out the conference agenda until the night before my flight and I realize that if I don’t register for their Pathfinder Day, I’m a whole day early!! ... Continue Reading

What I Learned from My Dad

My Mom & Dad (Hellen & Paavo) My dad passed away last night. He was 87 years old and has been in a care home for over three years now with Parkinson’s disease. Although he was at the point where he could do nothing for himself except sit in a chair while he was being fed, he rarely complained. Even during the week-long process of his passing he didn’t complain. ... Continue Reading

Stylish Women Don’t Wear T-Shirts: Yay or Nay?

Rowena’s Inn on the River (Where we were last night) This week I walked into J.Crew in downtown Vancouver and when I was standing in the fitting room, Kim, the stylist/manager (in town for training from Calgary) came to my room to see how I was doing. She taught me a new trick (for me) that I’m showing you here (above) which is tucking in only one side of a ... Continue Reading

The Best Mattress for Eliminating Back Pain (Get Mine)

Maria’s Master Bedroom We have a new mattress. Every time I wake up at night, I’m immediately present to how comfortable I am. When I think about going to bed in the evening, I look forward to the experience of laying down on our new mattress. After I’ve been gardening all day, this mattress (seriously) heals my back at night. When I talked about our old (3 years!) innerspring mattress in February I was ... Continue Reading

My Snowflowering Tree Blooms on my Birthday: Before & After

You know when you finish decorating or designing a room and the after photo is so pretty you think “Darn, I wish I had that exact same angle for the before photo?!!” Well, today, I have it for this angle on my back deck. This was part of the collection of photos I sent my Landscape Architect MaryAnne White 18 months ago when we started planning my landscape project that started ... Continue Reading

Smile Sweetly and Ask Nicely While You’re on Vacation

It’s a good thing my brother-in-law Dr. Bill Jacobs is a good holiday planner because he’s directly responsible for the fact that Terreeia and I are here in Scottsdale, Arizona with my sister Elizabeth and my sweet nephews for 5 nights. William & Markus We’re staying at the Kimpton Firesky Resort & Spa. When we arrived in our looong stretch limo (men are all about classy transportation–Bill again) we had adjoining rooms but not facing ... Continue Reading

Easter Time and my 500 White Tulips are Blooming!

I planted my white tulip bulbs last year in November and December. And then I worried that they wouldn’t be in the ground long enough and wouldn’t come up. It’s funny, when I first ordered 300, that number seemed like an incredible amount but then when I started planting, well I barely got the front yard done. So then I ordered 200 more for the back yard. And 200 white ... Continue Reading

My Living Room Inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Okay, here’s the rest of the photos inside Style at Home’s colour issue this April! Thanks again to everyone at Style at Home for including me in this issue AND on the cover! Here’s my family room and this post has my kitchen photos.   Here’s what it looks like in the magazine (above). Here’s the REAL ESTATE PHOTO – BEFORE we took possession And here’s the after. This photo ... Continue Reading

My Family Room Inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Okay, this week I’m showing you the after’s of the family room in this months colour issue of Style at Home, it’s really fun to see the transformation! Here is what the drywall return doorways were like! These angled corners, had to go!! The adjoining family room was too narrow to make opening up this entire wall practical but we definitely opened it up twice as much. Before Photography by ... Continue Reading

My White Kitchen inside Style at Home (Including the Befores)

Today I’m just showing my kitchen from the magazine shoot and I”ll show the pictures of the rest of my house next. Here’s my dining room on the cover of the April Colour issue, hooray! I thought I’d include the before pictures just for fun: Photography by Tracey Ayton Kitchen design by Jan Romanuk  Before Cabinets are painted Artisan White by Cloverdale Paint. Wall colour is Rice Paper by Cloverdale Paint. Bar ... Continue Reading

OMG I’m on the Cover of the Colour Issue!

Okay it doesn’t come as a complete surprise, my fabulous photographer Tracey Ayton emailed me a few weeks ago and said to keep it hush, hush. I was still holding my breath though, until I saw it myself until one of my True Colour Experts™, Sarah Hepburn-Smith posted a picture on our private Facebook page this weekend! She was one of the first to receive her subscription in the mail! ... Continue Reading

Goals for 2014; What I Accomplished in 2013

{click on images for source} Remember when I spent that Saturday in December planting tulip bulbs? Well, as I was kneeling in the dirt, digging holes one-by-one, I had this epiphany about goals and visualizing and here’s what it was: If there’s something you really want in your life, and you have it written down, and you’re visualizing, but you’re not DOING anything towards acheiving it? It’s just like planting bulbs. ... Continue Reading

Dreamy Beach House in Kauai

I have known my client and good friend for many years now. I first met her when I worked at Benjamin Moore in West Vancouver.  She had just moved into a new house with her husband and was looking for wall colours. When I said I could come out to her house to help her choose them she was so happy and relieved. I ended up helping her decorate too. She ... Continue Reading

The Background of Jurassic Park; Where I’ll be next Week

Did you know that Kauai, Hawaii is the background of the movie Jurassic Park? Well that’s where Terreeia and I will be on vacation next week. My mom’s coming with us. She is one of my favourite people in the world after all! {click on images for source} One of my clients built a house there recently. I helped her choose furniture and finishes. And, lucky me, now I’m going ... Continue Reading

Why Perfectly Normal Bloggers Plant Tulips in the Middle of Winter

Last year my friend Penelope Trunk planted 15,000 20,000 tulips. She planted them all winter long. Does she live in Portland, California even? No, she lives in Wisconsin. We rocked it out in our blogging webinar last week by the way! More on that this week.   {Love the idea of planting white pansies and then the tulips grow through them!}   This fall I ordered 300 white tulips. A far cry ... Continue Reading

Photo Shoot Preparations

My photographer came today to shoot my house, now that I finally made a decision on my drapes and they have been installed–I’ll give you a hint, they’re HOT PINK–so Tuesday I drove into the city to buy flowers and Elizabeth came with me. Here’s where we went: 12:20 pm We arrive in Vancouver and it’s time for lunch. We go to Granville Island because Elizabeth was craving Falafels and ... Continue Reading