You’re All Beautiful You Know?

Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere I go

Everywhere that I’ve been, the only thing I see is
Is beautiful people, beautiful people
Beautiful people, beautiful people

Don’t you know? Don’t you know?
Beautiful, don’t you know?
Don’t you know? Don’t you know?
Beautiful, don’t you know, know, know

You're Beautiful You Know?

Live your life, live your life
Let that love inside
It’s your life, it’s your life
The beauty’s deep inside, inside you

Don’t let ’em bring you down, no
The beauty is inside you
Don’t let ’em bring you down, no

Don’t you know? Don’t you know?
Beautiful, don’t you know?

Chris Brown

I love this song, the other day as I was out for a my morning run I thought of all of you when I heard it.

Today I’m grateful for all of you who follow my blog, email me, inspire me, my life is completely different with so many dreams come true because of you!

Have a wonderful day! xoxo Maria

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  1. Your inspiring! If you could only seenthe results and confidence you have given me in my home renos! Love your Blog, FB Postings etc.

  2. Thank you, Maria. I really appreciate the serendipity of this post as it’s my birthday and I feel you wrote it just for me. You can’t know what YOU bring to your readers’ lives. CTD

  3. Lovely! Your energy and love shine from the pages of your blog – it’s tangible!

    You’re beautiful too! xxx

  4. I’m grateful for you, too, Maria. It’s still amazes me that so many people I might never have met 20 years ago are now a part of my life through this thing called the internet! Thanks for bringing sunshine into my life each week with your wonderful blog!

  5. Thank you too Maria! I am so grateful for you and your wonderful blog and classes! You make such a difference to so many!

  6. Yes, Maria, we’re all beautiful inside! I’m so grateful for you, you’ve inspired me, educated me, and helped me change my life! I appreciate the lyrics of the song…But – I would like it more if I didn’t know it was from the guy who beat up his girlfriend, Rhianna.

  7. Thank you Maria, back to you. It is a great idea to send the love and respect to everyone.
    Happy Birthday to everyone who celebrates the birthday today

  8. It takes one to know one, as the saying goes. You’re a beautiful person in so many ways, Maria, and I’m grateful for you as well as all of those who follow you and email you and Ask Maria and share their experiences. You inspire ME. I’ve had so much fun, such delight and pleasure in the last six months since I moved into my little home, and MY life is completely different with so many dreams come true already because of you! Have a beautiful day, Maria and everyone!!!

  9. Such a sweet post to thank your followers!!! We should be thanking you!!! I love your blog and your tips!!! Can’t wait to take your color course in July!!! Have a great weekend, it’s almost here!!!!

  10. Dear Maria

    You have introduced me to the art of living. I feel like we have met. Thank you. my virtual friend!

  11. Your such a sweet person with a heart as big as a mountain!! Thank you for your inspirations, help, ideas and love all your posts. Hats off to you girl.

  12. Maria I woke up thinking of you…few minutes later read this… YOU are a Precious Blessing in MY life!
    Your love and vulnerability are so rare today. Thank you Little Sparkle. You warm up my world 🙂