A Tastemaker Interview at Blu Label Bungalow

I’m featured at Blue Label Bungalow as one of Erika Ward’s Tastemakers!  She asked me some great questions, click here to read.

Since turquoise is the colour of the year for 2010 she asked me to show 3 combinations using turquoise, these are the ones I chose:

The common denominator in all these combinations is white because it looks the best with fresh and happy colours!

Which room is your favourite?

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  1. Great color combos! I love the last one…looks a lot like my blog color scheme that I redid last weekend. :o) xo, Cristi

  2. I love #3! So cool, calm and collected. Perfect for relaxing, brainstorming, blogging, etc. I could see myself lounging there all day and night! Good pick!

  3. geez gone for a month or so and now you're famous!!!!! go u lady!!!!! come over to my bedroom and decorate it with the yellow black and turquois combo!

  4. I like turquoise and orange, great post as usual and a wonderful interview, I know you will have everything you want. You are very deserving of it.

    Firoozeh (my name translates to turquoise)

  5. Between you, me and the Fencepost

    A book and a retail location. I had no idea. I learn something new everytime you are interviewed. The orange and blue are my favorite.

  6. My daughter Leila wants to redecorate her room. Her color palette? Turquoise and orange! I'm going to have to show her this post. I know she will find it inspiring!
    Congratulations my tastemaker friend 🙂


  7. GREAT combos, I like turquoise with olive and with brick so much! they are all made for each other, uh oh, maybe they will have a threesome and make some amazing new color! We can only dream.

  8. KristieBarnett @ MakingArrangementsBlog.com

    I love blues and greens together, so my fav is the turquoise and olivey avocado green!

  9. Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

    #1, but I think its because I love everything about the room (chairs, rug, etc.) I also like turquoise with orange.

  10. I love colour combo 3, the freshness of the green plays off the turquoise and the white just makes the whole scheme very crisp.

    I love the font you used to write the colours, could you please tell me what it is called?

    Sam 🙂

  11. unique unique design

    Hard choice. I really like all of them, but if I had to pick it would be #3. I'm actually using those colors right now in our garage loft. BTW, I loved the interview. Congrats!

  12. I love all three combinations, but if I were to pick one to use in my own home, I'd definitely choose #3.

    I've been wrestling with what colors to settle on for our bedroom, and now I'm definitely leaning more toward the turquoise with green.

  13. I have long loved that first picture and the turquoise/yellow combo. Beautiful (and so is your blog!).

  14. Maria,
    Love all 3 and difficult to choose!

    Love the 1st because I LOVE turquoise against black.
    Love the last,because it is so fresh looking.
    LOVE orange,,but for some reason the 2nd is my LEAST fav of the 3.

  15. Ooh! I LOVE that pure clean turquoise against the muddy deep green, and the white really does set them off!

  16. Annie, bossy color

    Those are gorgeous, Maria! You're so right about white being the right element to freshen everything up. Those rooms are gorgeous. You'll convert me to turquoise yet!

  17. casey at loft and cottage

    I love all these combos, but I really like the turquoise, green and white bedroom. So fresh!

  18. Love #3 combination as I have used that exact photo for inspiration as well 🙂 White does add that nice crisp contrast that makes everything feel clean and fresh and the green always makes me feel like I am bringing the lovely outdoors in. xo

  19. All things considered; I vote for the turquoise and green and white. That seems to feel awesome to me while the others are too exciting and stimulating.